ASEHEALTH is a medical tourism company inc. operating in TURKEY.
ASEHEALTH Cooperation with many hospitals in TURKEY.
ASEHEALTH provides the best possible treatment at the most competitive rates.
ASEHEALTH cooperation with hospitals accredited by the Joint Commission International. It works with hospitals
that currently work with some of the most prominent medical facilities in the US, including Harvard Medical
School, Johns Hopkins Medical Center and MD Anderson Cancer Center.
ASEHEALTH hospitals use the most advanced technological equipment and techniques such as the Da Vinci
Surgery System and the Cyber Knife Robotic Radio Surgery System.
ASEHEALTH and the hospitals it works with employ staff who can speak fluent English, Arabic and Russian, in
order to assist patients who are native in these languages.
ASEHEALTH will organize all check-up and other treatment related appointments for patients.
ASEHEALTH will also provide transportation services for these appointments.
ASEHEALTH will provide lodging services for patients and organize the best hotels at the best rates during their
stay in Istanbul.
ASEHEALTH can also provide tailor-made cultural and historical tours to patients in TURKEY
ASEHEALTH can provide a one stop service to you: starting with online registration on our website and
organizing your stay and treatment in TURKEY.
ASEHEALTH will provide a personalized service specific to your needs and wishes at the most competitive rates.